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Virtually every state in the US offers incentives for the construction and operation of solar/photovoltaic systems for home, business or farm.

Washington State offers
  • sales tax exemption for solar equipment and construction
  • utility net metering
  • mandatory higher power buy-back rates for systems using made-in-Washington equipment
  • tax breaks for manufacturers of solar equipment who wish to locate in Washington which benefits the region’s economy
Net Metering

Washington State law requires utilities to credit a grid-tied solar electric system of up to 100kW generating capacity for net excess power generation at the full retail rate. This means if your solar system generates more electricity than you use, the utility will credit your account. Solectrix engineers are fully conversant with requirements for grid interconnection and will help you on the road to energy independence.

Power Rate Incentive

Washington was the first US state to implement a statewide Renewable Energy Production Incentive. State utilities will pay grid-tied photovoltaic system owners $0.15 to $0.54 per kWh for all the electricity they produce (compared to their $0.05 to $0.08 selling price)

  • Made-in-Washington inverters increase the base rate to $0.18/KWh
  • Made-in-Washington solar panels increase the base rate to $0.36/KWh
  • Thus when both inverters and panels are Washington made, the rate increases to $0.54/KWh
Sales Tax Exemption

Purchases and installation of solar equipment in systems up to 10KWh capacity are exempt from Washington State sales and use taxes.

US Tax Rebate

The IRS allow a 30% Residential Energy Efficient Property Credit for “qualified solar electric property costs” and “solar water heating property costs” (form 5695).

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