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Installing PV panels

Why Solectrix?

Solectrix can handle your project from initial site inspection and design work to utility meter installation when the new system is energized and connected to the electrical grid.

We can also take responsibility for just specific phases or portions of a solar generation system project. For instance, Solectrix can take charge of...

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Woman with check in hand

What Does Solar Cost?

How does solar pencil out? Efficiency of solar equipment has risen sharply and prices have dropped. At the same time, local electricity rates are expected to rise at a rate of 2.2%/year. This takes much of the risk out of solar conversion and creates a high-tech win-win...

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Lake Stevens Installation

Your Custom Installation

Each Solectrix solar project is a site-specific, custom installation. Our aim is to get the customer started on the path to energy independence in the shortest possible time.

The designing and building of a solar project is similar to other major home improvement projects. Here is how it works…

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House with solar panels

Is Solar Worth It?

What do homeowners think about their decision to install a residential solar system?...

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Solar carport

Our Latest Projects!

We're starting the new year with a residential installation in Lynnwood, WA, a 5 kw grid-tied residential system, and then it's on to another commercial system in Ballard...

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PV or Prius?

A Prius, or a PV System?

You want to do something good for the environment. You're considering maybe a new hybrid car -- the new models cost in the same ballpark as a solar electric installation for your home. You might need to get a loan in either case. It's a quandary.

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