Commercial Solar Installations

Commercial PV Systems

A commercial PV system for a small business or commercial building isn’t fundamentally different from a residential system, just larger. Systems larger than 12 KW are classified as commercial, even if located on a residence.


Don's Group AttireA recent change in the law now allows incentive payments to to be paid to whoever administers the system, be it the owner of the building or property, or the business owner, or an entity leasing the system.
Most commercial buildings have flat roofs which are ideal for large solar electric installations. A PV system on this type of structure generally requires a mounting structure that places the modules at the optimal inclination.  A flat roof with a surrounding parapet allows the structure to be installed without roof penetrations by using the surrounding wall to fasten the module structure.

Yakima installationIn a condominium building or complex, the condo association is responsible for the house utility meter that supplies power for the shared hallway, garage and exterior lighting. A PV system will reduce the condo fees for the individual owners.



Community Solar Program

If you are interested in investing in the incentives and benefits of a photovoltaic electric system but you do not own a home or business where you can build a photovoltaic system call us and we can help to design an array that is designed for dual use such as the innovative solar picnic shelters for Seattle’s first Community Solar installation at Jefferson Park.

We can show you using our industry leading licensed analysis software to show you how the federal, state & local incentives for this type of community investment can work giving you the highest return on investment (ROI) in the nation.

One of the many utilities that participate in the Community Solar project is Seattle City Light. They have written a clear description of the way that the community solar system works by comparing it to the P-Patch program, go to Community Solar Project.


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