What Does Solar Cost?

How does solar pencil out? Efficiency of solar equipment has risen sharply and prices have dropped. At the same time, local electricity rates are expected to rise at a rate of 2.2%/year. This takes much of the risk out of solar conversion and creates a high-tech win-win:

Scenario for a 7.5 kw system at $3.00 per watt:

Net outflows Net inflows
Gross cost: equipment, supplies, permits, labor $22,875
One time Federal tax credit of 30% 30%= $6862
Net cost of installation* $16,013
Est. annual energy production payment from utility co. until 2022 $950 - 4,600
Avoided energy costs $500
Total annual positives =$1,450 - 5,100

*(resulting in a net cost of $2.14/watt)

Thus your system will have paid for itself within 6-8 years (depending upon your specific utility company policies. After that, it is all profit!

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