Your Custom Installation

Each Solectrix solar project is a site-specific, custom installation. Our aim is to get the customer started on the path to energy independence in the shortest possible time.

The designing and building of a solar project is similar to other major home improvement projects. Here is how it works:

Step 1: Solectrix analyzes a year’s worth of your power bills to plot your power usage
and determine the percentage you wish to replace with your new solar system, subject to available ground or roof area.

Step 2: We suggest the scope of your project and do a preliminary design with the PV
array superimposed on your property, with estimated project costs.

Step 3: We make a thorough solar site evaluation, using observation and the latest analytic
digital tools to check out potential array sites, distances to service box, degree of solar
exposure, site obstructions, and shade patterns.

Step 4: Our staff visits your home to discuss with you all aspects of the project: design, layout, budget,
timeline, economic impacts, code compliance, project permits, projected power generation
capacity, utility company interface, tax incentives and subsidies.

Step 5: Our engineers finalize project design, obtain required permits, equipment and supplies.
Solectrix also helps you acquire all the paperwork for tax relief and subsidies.

Step 6: Installation

Step 7: Solectrix connects the new solar array to the electric service panel and turns over the
new solar system to the customer.

Permitted residential solar projects take on average less than a week to install and can be approved and connected to your utility shortly thereafter. From beginning to end, you have an experienced Solectrix technician at your side.

Lake Stevens Installation

Our mailing address is: Solectrix, 3213 W. Wheeler St, Box #130, Seattle, WA 98199, USA