About Solectrix

William M. FidlerWilliam Fidler

Solectrix founder, William Fidler, began his career in 1977 working on marine and industrial electrical systems for fishing and commercial vessels operating out of Alaska. In 1981, he launched AMC Electric, a marine electrical service group, to design, build and install electrical equipment on yachts & commercial craft in Tacoma, Washington. Through the next decade he helped build over 30 custom yachts, and repaired and renovated many others. Fidler eventually moved into non-marine commercial and residential electrical systems.

About 8 years ago, Fidler began taking on an increasing number of photovoltaic system installations.

Helping to facilitate the customer’s vision is something he strongly believes in. “Some clients understand solar and go for it; others need information, guidance and encouragement. Our job is to walk the client through the process. And because we’re a small company, we can work closely with each customer at every step of the process.”

Our mailing address is: Solectrix, 3213 W. Wheeler St, Box #130, Seattle, WA 98199, USA